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BATTLINK three-phase high-voltage rack-mounted 10-25kwh home energy storage

June 06, 2024
Hello everyone, welcome to Shenzhen Huaxing. Today I will introduce to you a new product BATTLINK three-phase high-voltage rack-mounted home energy storage. This product drives large loads, and ensures important load using. It is widely used for large villas and small industrial and commercial scenarios. Adopting a rack-type design,each rack support maximum 5 pks battery modules connected in series to expand 25kwh and support maximum 4 racks connected in parallels to expand to 100kwh. Our products featured with samller size and light weight by using A-grade high-quality and high energy densigy lithium iron phosphate cells.It adopts intelligent air cooling technology to effectively reduce the system temperature.It support CAN and RS485 communication interfaces which is compatiable with main brands inverters.it can realize various working modes such as backup power supply, self-use, saving electricity bills, etc., alleviating your energy anxiety.

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