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Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of lithium batteries.
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Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd


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Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd


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Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd


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Lastest company cases about 500kw/1MWh containerized battery energy storage system installed in Germany for back up
500kw/1MWh containerized battery energy storage system installed in Germany for back up
500kW / 1MWh On Off Grid Battery Energy Storage System Installed in Germany The 500KW/1MWh user-side energy storage project of Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Germany. The access AC voltage level of the project is 400V. The lithium iron phosphate battery pack is used as the energy storage unit. It can realize charging and discharging according to the peak and valley period of Germany, and achieve the function of peak shaving and valley filling.   Battlink 500kw/1MWh  containerized BESS integrated with standard LiFePo4 battery module, PCS with isolated transformer,industrial air conditioner,EMS,STS,AC distribution cabinet,DC distribution cabinet,high voltage box,fire fighting system , environmental monitoring,cabinet etc. Production in Huaxing Factory in Shenzhen     500kw/1MWH BESS Arrived at Customer in Germany      The energy storage system is equipped with hardware fault and software protection at the same time. The protection function configuration is complete, the protection scope overlaps, and there is no dead zone, which can ensure the system safety under various fault conditions.     BMS Protection BMS as the first-level protection, when the battery has overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature, excessive voltage difference, and excessive temperature difference, it will report the first-level alarm at the first time, and the charge and discharge power will be halved. When the secondary alarm occurs, the BMS sends a signal to the EMS, and the system stops charging and discharging. If the charging and discharging are continued, the third-level alarm of the BMS is triggered, and the DC side relay will act directly to stop the whole operation. At this time, the system must be manually resumed.   PCS protection PCS comes with its own protection. If the system does not act after the BMS level 2 alarm, it will trigger the PCS self-protection and stop the entire system from running. In addition, PCS is also have AC over voltage protection, AC under voltage protection, AC over current protection, AC frequency protection, surge over voltage protection, phase sequence error protection, etc. EMS Protection As the system management center, EMS obtains detection data through sensors and communication, makes logical judgments, and issues protection commands such as power halving and shutdown.     Each battery module have fire fighting system-Perfluorohexanone       Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems(BESS) is designed to store and manage energy generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind power.Containerized BESS are a cost-effective and modular way to storage which can be easily transported and deployed in various locations
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Lastest company news about ESS VS BESS-Battlink 100kw 215kwh C&I BESS and 500kw/1.29MWh
ESS VS BESS-Battlink 100kw 215kwh C&I BESS and 500kw/1.29MWh
ESS VS BESS You can’t pick up an electrification industry trade magazine lately without reading about new developments in the field of energy storage. The technology offers numerous benefits… It can smooth demands on the local electrical grid, negate concerns with solar/wind energy fluctuations, lower costs to end-users by avoiding peak-rate surcharges, harness the outputs of multiple sources of renewable energy, provide backup capabilities for critical infrastructure (i.e. hospitals), delay local Governments needing to invest in costly grid improvements, and more. Often, the acronyms ESS and BESS seem to be used interchangeably. Both refer to Energy Storage Systems, which are used to store and release energy, but there is a difference between the two.   What is ESS? ESS stands for "Energy Storage System." It is a broad term used to describe any system that stores energy for later use. This includes CHEMICAL (i.e. biofuels, hydrogen), ELECTROCHEMICAL (i.e. Batteries, Fuel Cells), ELECTROMAGNETIC (i.e. Inductors, Superconducting Magnets), THERMAL (i.e. latent heat), MECHANICAL (i.e. compressed air, flywheels), HYDRAULIC (i.e. pumped hydro storage, pressurized fluids) and HYBRID (i.e. battery-to-fuel cell) systems. What is BESS? BESS stands for "Battery Energy Storage System." Because batteries store electric energy as chemical energy (then convert it back to an electrical form when needed), it is a type of ELECTROCHEMICAL ESS. As such, BESS is only one of many sub-categories of the broad "Energy Storage System” (ESS) framework. BATTLINK series BESS products The below is our BATTLINK series BESS products.Battlink is our brands, powered by Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Lastest company news about Huaxing New Arrival products 100KW/197KWH Lithium Battery Energy Storage System
Huaxing New Arrival products 100KW/197KWH Lithium Battery Energy Storage System
Huaxing New Energy New Arrival 100kw/197kwh   100kW/197kWh Lithium Battery Energy Storage System can be used for building, factory, hotel, farm, etc. The system is composed of an electrical compartment and an energy storage compartment, including parts of batteries, BMS, MPPT, DC/DC, DC/AC, STS, supports functions of PV access, battery energy storage, on-grid and off-grid output.It adopts modular design, convenient assembly, debugging and maintenance, can be parallel connection to get higher capacity.     100KW/197KWH system parameter   Item Condition/ Note Remark 197.12kWh LFP Battery String Configuration 1*704V280Ah   Nominal Capacity 280Ah 1 Parallel Nominal Voltage 704V 220 Series System Energy 197.12kWh   DOD 95%   Communication CAN   Grid Input Rated Grid Voltage 400V ac   Grid Voltage Range 340V-440V ac   Rated Frequency 50/60Hz   Inverter-PCS Output Rated Power 100kVA   Max. Output Power 110kVA   Rated Grid Voltage 400V ac   Output System 3W+N+PE   On-grid and Off-grid Switch Time ≤100mS   AC Current Harmonic ≤3% Wattage rating DC Component ≤1% Wattage rating Grid Voltage Range 340V-440V ac   Others Cycle Life ≥6000 25±2℃, 0.5C charge System Efficiency ≥89%   Dimensions(W*D*H) 2150*1800*230mm   Weight 3500kg   Protection IP IP55   Container surface coating C5   Communication RS485 / Ethernet / CAN   Communication Protocol Modbus RTU, Modbus TC   Cooling Air-conditioner   Fire Fighting System 5-in-1 detector + fire engine +PERFLUORO fire suppressor   Installation Position outdoor   Operating Temperature Range -30-+50℃ environment temperature Humidity 0%-90% RH   Maximum Working Altitude 5000m   Isolation Mode Transformer Isolation