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504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hunan,China.
Brand Name: Huaxing
Certification: CE
Model Number: HX250KWH
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 20ft container
Delivery Time: 40-60 days
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Nominal Voltage: 614.4V Nominal Capacity: 504AH
Max. Charging Rate: 0.2C Max. Continuous Discharging Rate: 0.5C
Charging Method: CC/CV Cycle Life: More Than 5000 Cycles
Application: Commerical ESS,Peak Shaving,Loading Levelling Size: 20ft Container
Life Span: 20 Years Warranty: 5 Years
Material: LiFePo4 Battery Battery Strings: 4 Pks 614.4V 126AH
High Light:

250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System


504AH Containerized Energy Storage System


250Kwh Battery Energy Storage Systems

100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System For Solar Plant With Cylidnrical LFP Battery


100KW/250KWH Containerized ESS specification


The whole energy storage system is 100KW/250KWh,the actual battery energy of a single container energy storage system is 100KW/309.65KWh.  The system have 4 battery strings(including BMS),1 set combiner box,1 set 100KW PCS, 1 set EMS ,air conditioner , fire extinguisher system and other accessory equipments.The container size is 6058*2438*2896 (mm).


Item Battery box Battery string Battery system
Rated voltage/capacity 76.8V126Ah 614.4V126Ah 614.4V2016Ah
Energy/kWh 9.67 77.41 1238.63
Depth of discharge(DOD) 95% Over 90% Over 85%
Cycle life(0.25C,room temp) 85%DOD,over 6000 cycles 85%DOD,over 6000 cycles 85%DOD,over 6000 cycles
Storage temp 25-45℃ is best 25-45°C is best 25-45°C is best
Self discharge 25℃,month/≤5% 25℃,month/≤5% 25℃,month/≤5%
size(L*W*H)/mm 628*482.6*250 800*603**2201


Remarks: The above parameters may change due to version upgrade. Please refer to the technical agreement for physical parameters.





504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 0

                                                  Battery string 614.4V 126AH



504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 1


504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 2

                                     Battery Cabinet  614.4V 10AH



Longer Cycle Life : Offers up to 20 times longer cycle life and five times longer float/calendar life than lead acid battery , helping to minimize replacement cost and reduce total cost of ownership

Lighter Weight : About 40% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery . A " drop in" replacement for lead acid batteries

Higher Power : Delivers twice power of lead acid battery ,even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity


Wider Temperature Range : -20℃~60℃

Superior Safety: Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eleminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact overcharging or short circuit situation

Our safety tests for our lifepo4 battery:


504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 3

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504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 4


Huaxing New Energy
504AH 100KW PCS 250Kwh Containerized Energy Storage System 5

About us:
HUAXING NEW ENERGY is a group company.

The Headquarter is Shenzhen Huaxing New Energy Co., Ltd, its subsidiary companies
including Hunan Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd which produces 32700 lifepo4
cells and JuXing New Energy Co., Ltd which produces 32700 lifepo4 battery pack.
We has over 50,000 m2 CELL and PACK workshop. With an annual productivity of 3GWh
cell equipment and a technical R&D team, its annual sales volume can reach RMB two billion,
paying annual tax of RMB 100 million for the local area.
We are manufacturer with ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018.
Our 32700 lifepo4 cell passes: UL1642/BIS/PSE/CE/Rohs/IEC62619/IEC61960/IEC62133/
and CB/UN38.3 and MSDS.
Strong R&D team, Strict Quality Control, Professional customized serive, Competitive
price, and Great sales team.

The Battery System features

(1) The system uses the Huaxing Cylidnrical LiFePO4 battery, which is safety, environmental protection, long life cycle, high performance;

(2) High energy conversion efficiency

(3) Battery Management System (BMS) adopts the hierarchical management.The system is flexible and reliable, and it is convenient for the system to expand and upgrade;

(4)The system adopts dynamic balanced battery management technology, which can automatically complete battery maintenance and meet the needs of various scenes;

(5) The monitoring system can monitor the voltage, current, internal resistance and temperature of the single cell in real time, and the sampling time can be set;

(6) The fire alarm system and fire extinguishing system are builed in the BESS.When there is fire alarming,which should be sent to BMS;

(7) Battery system installation, high degree of modularization, it is easy to install and maintain;

(8) Communication method adopts CAN and RS485 communication mode;

(9) Installed temperature and humidity detection device in BESS.

(10)Adopting LCD touch screen,which make monitoring more intuitive and convenient.

Contact Details
Michael Huang

Phone Number : +8613795317367

WhatsApp : +8615999522597