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BMS Built In Lifepo 4100ah 12v Lifepo4 Batteries Pack Lithium Ion Battery ABS Case

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Huaxing
Certification: UL\ROHS\CE\CB
Model Number: HX-12100
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: TBD
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 100000pcs per month
Name: HX-12100 Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Voltage Range: 10~14.6V Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Minimum Capacity: 95Ah Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
Peak Discharge Current: 200A Total Weight: 13.0kg
Working Temperature: Charge: 0℃~45℃ Discharge: -20℃~60℃ Storage: 0℃~45℃
High Light:

4100ah 12v Lifepo4 Batteries


BMS 12v Lifepo4 Batteries

BMS built-in long life lifepo4 12v 100ah deep cycle lithium-ion battery lifepo4 battery pack ABS Case

Lead Acid 12V 100AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack UL ROHS CE CB Certificated


12V100AH LIFEPO4 battery


A high-performance power storage solution designed to meet your energy needs with reliability and efficiency. This lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery offers exceptional performance and a range of advantages for various applications.

The 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery provides a reliable and stable power supply for a wide range of devices and systems. It is particularly well-suited for applications such as solar energy storage, marine equipment, recreational vehicles, and backup power systems.

One of the standout features of the 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery is its impressive cycle life. It is capable of withstanding a large number of charge and discharge cycles without experiencing a significant reduction in performance. This extended cycle life ensures durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements and offering long-term cost savings.


Sr. NO. Item Criterion Note
Cell Parameter
1. Battery Type LiFePO4 Battery  
2. Rated Voltage/Capacity 3.20V/6.0Ah  
3. Voltage Range 2.00V-3.65V  
4. Weight 0.143kg  
5. Size Φ(32.0±0.5)* H(70.2±0.4)mm  
6. Cathode Material LiFePO4  
7. Anode Material Graphite  
8. Electrolyte Material LiPF6  
9. Working Temperature Charge: 0℃~45℃, Discharge: -20℃~60℃  
10. Charge Retention 95% (25℃, 28 days)  
11. Cycle Times over 2000 cycles(0.2C cycle, 25℃,capacity retention 80%  












Cell Discharge Curve at

-20℃, 10℃, 0℃, 25℃, 45℃,


BMS Built In Lifepo 4100ah 12v Lifepo4 Batteries Pack Lithium Ion Battery ABS Case 0
Battery Pack Parameter
1. Nominal Voltage 12.8V  
2. Voltage Range 10~14.6V

Cells voltage range: 2.5-3.65V


3. Nominal Capacity 100Ah  
4. Minimum Capacity 95Ah  
5. Max. Charge Current 100A  
6. Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A  
7. Peak Discharge Current 200A Duration time: 1S
8. Cycle Life of Battery Pack Over 2000 At 0.5C, 80 % DOD, 25℃
9. Total Weight 13.0kg  
10. Cooling Method Natural Cooling  






Working Temperature

Charge: 0℃~45℃

Discharge: -20℃~60℃

Storage: 0℃~45℃


BMS Specification

Item Content Criterion
Charge and Discharge Port Shared
Communication None
Parallel Connection Max. 2pcs
Serial Connection Max. 4pcs
Normal Current Charge Current ≤100A
Discharge Current ≤100A




Over charge Protection





Over discharge protection

Over charge detection voltage 3.75±0.05V
Over charge detection delay time 1.0s
Over charge release voltage 3.55±0.05V
Over charge release condition Cut off charger
Maximum charge voltage 3.65±0.05V
Over discharge detection voltage 2. 1V±0.05V
Over discharge detection delay time 1.0s
Over discharge release voltage 2.7V±0. 10V


Over current protection

Over current detection current 200±10A
Over current detection delay time 1.0s
Over current release condition Cut load
Short circuit protection YES

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