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Portable Off Grid 500kwh Energy Storage Container BESS Solar Battery Energy Storage System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huaxing
Certification: CE
Model Number: 51.2V100Ah/5KWh
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 365000
Packaging Details: In 40ft container
Delivery Time: 3 months
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 1pcs per three month
Single Cell Qty: 57600 PCS 3.2V/6Ah Battery Box: 120pcs 500Kwh 38.4V/240Ah
Battery Cabinet: 6pcs, Set Size:1.846*0.63*2.388m Host BMS: 7 BMS,1 Host 20 Slave Per String
PCS QTY: 1 X500Kw Power Distribution Box: 1 Set
Container: 40ft Container ,fire Fighting,AC,lighting And So On. Depth Of Discharge(DOD): 95%
Cycle Life(0.25C,room Temp): 85%DOD,over 6000 Cycles Storage Temp: 25-45℃ Is Best
High Light:

Off Grid Energy Storage Container CE


500kwh Energy Storage Container


BESS Solar Battery Energy Storage System

500KWhPortable Off Grid 500kwh Energy Storage Container Bess Solar Battery Energy Storage System 1MWh off grid ess LiFePO4 Commercial Solar Lithium battery energy storage system container

Product Description

High Capacity Flame Retardant Electrolyte 6mwh Battery Storage Container For Ev Battery Pack


Product Name :

BESS 500KW/1MWh Energy Container Battery Solution

Product Model:




1.Energy Storage System Solution
1.1.Energy Storage System Composition The whole energy storage system is 500KW/1MWh,

the actual battery energy of a single container energy storage system is 500KW/1.105MWh.

The system have 6 battery strings(including BMS),1 set 500KW PCS, 1 set EMS ,air conditioner ,

fire extinguisher system and other accessory equipments.The energy storage system topology

is shown in Figure 1-1. Figure 1-2 shows the internal layout of the containerized ESS,

The 40HQ container size is 12192*2438*2896 (mm).


1MWh ESS solution.jpg

Ess Solar System.jpg


1.Battery String

2.Fire Pipeline

3.Air Conditioner

4.Electrochemical Fire Suppression Device

5.DC Busbar Cabinet

6.AC power distribution cabinet


Product Datasheet



Table 1-1 1MW/1MWh Energy Storage System Main Parts Lists
Item Qty Unit Parameters Remark
Single cell 57600 pcs 3.2V/6Ah,145g Produced by Huaxing
Battery box 120 pcs 38.4V/240Ah,90kg 20 pcs battery boxes connecting in series to 1 battery string,totally 6 battery strings
Host BMS 7 set 1 host 20 slave per string Produced by Huaxing , every battery string use 1 set of BMS,7 sets of total control
Battery cabinet 6 set size:1.846*0.63*2.388m Shown as Figure 2-1
PCS 1 set 500KW  
Power Distribution Box 1 set    
Container 1 Set 40ft container including fire fighting,air conditioner,lighting and so on.  

2.Energy Storage System main parts introduction

The energy storage system consists of 6 battery strings with a total system energy of 1.105MWh.

The detailed performance of the battery box, battery string and battery system is shown in Table 2-1.

Table 2-1 battery box,battery string,battery system main performance parameter


Item Battery box Battery string Battery system
Rated voltage/capacity 38.4V240Ah 768V240Ah 768V1440Ah
Energy/kWh 9.216 184.320 1,105.920
Depth of discharge(DOD) 95% Over 90% Over 85%

Cycle life(0.25C,room


85%DOD,over 6000


85%DOD,over 6000



6000 cycles


Storage temp


25-45is best


25-45°C is best


25-45°C is best


Self discharge















Remarks: The above parameters may change due to version upgrade. Please refer to the

technical agreement for physical parameters.


The 1.105MWH battery system was divided into 6 battery strings.Each battery string was consisted of 20 battery boxes.

Figure 2-2.



500KW-1MWh ESS.jpg


Figure2-2 Battery String 768V 240AH Electrical Topology

Each 20 pks 38.4V 240AH battery boxes connected in series to attain 1 sting 768V240AH and 6 strings

connected in parallels to attain 768V1440AH.


Table 2-2 Energy Storage System Configuration



Type Parameter

Lower Limiting



Upper Limiting









Cell 32700/6Ah 2.8 3.6 3.2 0.0192 57600
Battery Box




33.6 43.2 38.4 9.216 120







672 864 768 184.320 6







672 864 768 1,105.920 1

Hybrid Solar System.jpgEnergy container battery.jpegBanner.jpg

Company Information


About Huaxing New Energy


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Hunan Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a high quality Lithium Ion
Battery company, integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, providing comprehensive solutions for any application.


-1000 Staff
-50,000 square meters of workshops
-3GWh annual production capacity
-300 million dollars annual turnover


Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018
Product Safety and Performance Certificate: UL1642, IEC62619:2017, IEC62133:2017,
IEC61960:2011, CE, BIS, PSE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS


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